The Bucklands

People of Buckland

The Bucklands

Hugh de Buckland (unknown – c. 1116)

Hugh de Buckland was sheriff of Berkshire and tenant of St John’s Manor, Buckland from c. 1087. Nothing is known of his origins or early life, but he became an important administrator for William Rufus and Henry I – under the latter he was not only sheriff of Berkshire but also seven other counties including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, and London and Middlesex. His land at Buckland was the same 10 hides once held by Earl Aelfheah and he held them from Abingdon Abbey in return for one knight’s service. Hugh had died by c. 1116; by 1200 his descendents had passed his manor to the Prior and Brethren of St John of Jerusalem (the Hospitallers), and acquired the larger Duke’s Manor.

William de Buckland (1155 – c. 1216)

The great grandson of Hugh de Buckland, William was well connected amongst the English nobility. He was the half brother of Geoffrey FitzPiers, earl of Essex and his wife, Maud de Saye, was the sister of Geoffrey’s wife.  Little is known about his life and career but he seems to have been active at  the royal court as he witnessed a grant of King John to Ramsey Abbey at Lisieux in 1202. It is possible that he was the older brother of Geoffrey de Buckland, a justiciar between 1195 and 1218 who joined the barons’ revolt against King John.